At Dan Patrie Exploration we specialize in various areas of the exploration field and continue to grow our list of services offered to our clients. We are fully operational year round, our experience and equipment allow us to provide custom tailored services to meet our client’s needs and adjust to ever changing field conditions.

  • Geophysics

                              - Various Induced Polarization Surveys

                              - Total Field Magnetics & VLF-EM Surveys

                              - MaxMin-EM Horizontal Loop Surveys

                              - Geiger Counter Surveys

                              - Soil, MMI, Rock Sampling

                              - Surface Stripping & Washing

                              - Channel Cutting & Sampling

  • Professional Chainsaw Operators

                              - Geophysical Grid Survey Lines (Line Cutting)

                              - Property Boundary Transit Lines

                              - Standard & Remote Helicopter & Drill Pad Clearing

                              - Trail Creation & Rehabilitation - Minimal Environmental Footprint

                              - Power Transmission Line Clearing  & Tree Maintenance

                              - Site Cleanup & Clearing

  • Other Services

                              - Winter Ice Roads & Ice Drill Pads

                              - Diamond Drill Management & Drill Core Services

                              - Claim Acquisition & MNDM Client Services

                              - Consultations, GIS Mapping, Geophysical  & Property Reports

                              - GPS Data Acquisition

                              - Site Logistics, Maintenance & Care


            If your exploration needs are not listed above please contact us for more information, we are not limited to our specialized services or the mining industry, our team strives in harsh labor intensive environments with a diverse set of skills and experience.


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